Dave Bio

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I finally asked my Dad.

In my 30's I finally asked my Dad what he thought I should be doing with my life. He said "son, I don't know, but I do know this, you can sell and you can preach".

From then on I set my mind to doing both of those things. Turns out I am passionate and motivated by both of them.

The story is long, so here are the short highlights.

Christian elementary school in Australia, secular high school, worked for my dad for seven years, got a pilots licence, went to college in California, met my wife (mmmm), had two fabulous girls, preached two years in Sydney, started Computer Manufacturing company, started RV Dealership, preached in Africa, started RV Manufacturing company in USA, started preaching online.

Currently starting a Modular Home Manufacturing company in Florida and commuting to London to see fam. 

Life with God is challenging, rewarding and fun. I can thoroughly recommend it. 

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